Youth Workshops
Customized programs for youth – and young adults – ranging from ages 8 to 25 impart qualities essential for future inter-personal and professional success.

YOU are your Boss

C.S. Lewis wrote, "Integrity is doing the right thing, even when no one is watching."

This workshop stresses to youth the power and responsibility of the decisions they make throughout their entire life.
Unity = Success

Regardless of the community, it's greatest assets are those that call it home.

This session focuses on the impact of reinvesting and pooling local resources.
Old Problems. New Solutions.

Sometimes problem remain unsolved not because they're overly complicated, but because people keep using solutions that never worked.

Students in this session learn to assess problems objectively and formulate
Fighting with your Mind

In any given altercation, it's always best to assume that either a camera or a weapon is present.

This session teaches students how to engage in conflict with their most powerful weapon.
Life After High School

There's no such thing as small decisions, just small consequences.

This workshop provides guidance for recent high-school grads and stresses the importance of taking the time to make well thought-out decisions in all situations.
Power vs. Perception

Contrary to the importance it's given, very little of the media we consume is true - and even less of that's objective.

This session distinguishes proven paths of success from that presented by the media.
The Drug Conversation

Just because something is legal doesn't mean it can't derail your plans.

This workshop discusses the shifting legality, politics, and personal impact of drugs.
Young, Pregnant, & Successful

Challenges can either destroy or define you: the difference is the choices you make and the support you're given.

In this discussion, former teenage mothers share inspiring stories of how they managed their pregnancy without sacrificing their dreams.
The 5 Year Plan

There's no such thing as small decisions, just small consequences.

This workshop provides guidance for recent high-school grads and stresses the importance of taking the time to make well thought-out decisions in all situations.

Adult Workshops
Open discussion forums in which adults are offered alternative perspectives to their day-to-day challenges – designed to allow them to better strategize a path to mobility.

Career Bootcamp

First-generation professionals encounter a completely different world as they enter corporate America.

In this workshop, seasoned professionals prepare participants with pointers on what to expect as they start working in corporate environments.
The Good and Bad about Credit

Credit is like any tool: it can be extremely helpful when building something - and both very dangerous when used inresponsibly.

This session directs students on how to repair, establish and use credit in a responsible, constructive manner.
Generational Wealth

The vast majority of wealth in America was inherited from previous generations.

This workshop covers how parental investments made today can significantly impact their children's future.
Skills, Resumes, & Interviews

Whereas a good resume can lead to an interview, it's the interview itself that gets the job.

Participants in this program learn employment strategies from seasoned professionals and hiring managers.
The Corporate Vehicle

Along with the risks, business ownership presents the potential for boundless personal, professsional, and financial growth.
  • Business Ownership Reality
  • Entrepreneurial Guidance
  • New Business Formation
Corporate Swag

Most professional positions are far from boring and can benefit from your personal style and finess.

This workshop shows how one can integrate their personality into the career.
Professional Osmosis

In certain business scenarios, who you know is as important as what you know - sometimes even more so.
  • Finding Business Connections
  • Healthy Business Relationships
  • Collaboration Over Competition

Career Exploration

Successful and fulfilling adult careers start with amazing youth experiences. Provided by our technology training partner, TECHNOFRO, youth are introduced to an array of in-demand technical skills. By introducing youth to an array of different skills, they're able to choose a tech career path in-line with their personal interests.


Supervised by certified pilots, this program introduces students to the science, equipment, and practices of professional aviation.
  • Principles of Flight
  • Flight simulators/drones
  • Types of Aircraft
  • Aviation Career Resources

Youth gain a comprehensive understanding of computer programming by developing in multiple languages across various platforms.
  • Web/App UI Design
  • Portfolio of Projects
  • Professional Tools and Practices

Students use computers, virtual reality headsets, and 3D printers as they design, edit, and animate both two and three dimensional objects.
  • Raster & Vector Images
  • Digital, Print, & Video Formats
  • 3D Modeling & Animation
  • Virtual & Augmented Reality

Students acquire an in-depth knowledge of computer operating systems, wireless technologies, and ethical hacking practices.
  • Computer Operating Systems
  • Computer Networking
  • Penetration Tools

Youth learn how to safely design, assemble, and repair devices ranging from electronics circuits to computer systems.

Provided by , youth learn scientific practices as their led through a series of chemical reaction experiments.

Career Preparation
Based on industry certification objectives, this program offers participants a comprehensive, hands-on experience to several in-demand technical fields. Focused on providing profitable skills, this program allows participants to explore multiple disciplines while aquiring knowledge they can immediately put to use.


Participants learn how to build, repair, and maintain both computer and laptops. This program is aligned with the objectives of CompTIA A+ certification.
  • Installing and configuring operating systems

Students learn about managing the infrastructure services employed by organizations with large employee numbers. This course covers the objectives of the Comptia Server+ certification.
  • Both Linux and Windows infrastructure services

In this course, participants acquire professional developer skills as they build custom solutions spanning multiple platforms and programming languages.
  • Javascript, ReactJS, NodeJS, C++, and Rust languages
  • Database Systems & Web services

Participants of this course learn the tools and practices used to protect data systems from costly attacks. Students learn IT forensics and counter-measures as they learn content covered in the CompTIA Security+ certification.

Community Enrichment

Sessions designed to provide communties with a wide array of lessons to assist with day-to-day challenges.


The decisions made today have an enormous impact on where someone ends years from now.
This program teaches how to play the game of chess and how those same skills can be applied to real-world situtations.
Internet Safety

With the amount of critical information online today, safe web-surfing practices are as important as locking your doors at night.
This sessions teaches students how the internet works, how to safely use web-based resources, and prevent or mitigate any online scams.
Computer Literacy

From looking for a job online to communicating with your grandchildren, knowing how to use a computer is an essential skill.
This workshop gives a welcoming, comprehensive day-to-day computer usage, but also offers basic troubleshooting and maintenance

Transitional Outreach

Services in this program connects community members transitioning from temporary situations to mainstream resources.

Support Systems

Workshops designed to connect those transitioning environments with essential support services.
Housing Resources

Sessions in which participants are connected with housing resources.
Career Training

Tech programs aligned with recognized industry certifications to provide immediate employable skill sets.
Success Strategies

Participants learn practices and routines designed to prevent situations that lead to undesired outcomes.

Community Partners

Sincerest appreciation for the community partners that make our mission possible.