Unity through Opportunity

Knowledge is the most valueable commodity and - as with any natural resource - availability is the key.

Our I.M.P.A.C.T. Initiative is a multi-organizational, international partnership to provide developing communities with the logistic, strategic, and technical knowledge to autonomously own and control the future of their careers and enterprise.


Infrastructure is the collection of components that make systemic operations possible. In the field of information technology, infrastructure components are the networks, servers, and applications that make it possible for computers to work collectively with one another.

Where as many invision large, loud rooms with thousands of wires and computers when they think of server rooms, the truth is that vital infrastructure services such as e-mail/messaging, web hosting, and databases can be hosted on virtually any computer system (in fact, this very website is running in a small closet on a nearly 20 year old, donated computer).

To this day, many developing countries use publicly available, off-country services to host vital infrastructure. StreetCents Infrastructure engineers show partners how to host and control their own information services in a secure, reliable manner with little to no cost.


Even those with the highest degree of natural talent, can benefit from the experiences of a seasoned professional. Much of what makes an amazing engineer a legend within their circles is the knowledge that they've attained from working with a platform for a number of years - little nuances about a particular system that's not found in books.

In addition to being accomplished, our system architects and engineers are genuinely passionate about their discipline and enthusiatically share their "secrets" with upcoming engineers.


The smaller the company, the more important it is to have healthy, productive relationships with other businesses - including your competition. Even in the most emerging markets, there's usually a lot of work to go around - typically more than a single, small business can handle.

Our business mentors are entreprenuers with international partnering experience. In addtion to providing guidance on matters such as ettiquette, operations, finances, and marketing - we also work to connect businesses with both local and international partners.


Although degrees, certificates, and diplomas are the most dependable way to secure employment, they're not the only way.
With information technology, especially given the popularity of off-shore, freelance projects, one's portfolio of work - which is a detailed account of the solutions one has created - carries a lot of weight for prospective clients, sometime even more than traditional academic awards.

Our business mentors work with both local and international businesses to find internships through which participants can acquire real-world experiences and bodies of work to showcase to prospective employers and clients.


The field of Information Technology is amazingly diverse. The idea of working in technology once brought visions of sitting in a cubicle for hours on end looking at screens of non-sensical numbers and letters - but those days have long passed.

StreetCents Corporation, through our training arm TECHNOFRO, offers acclaimed programs ranging from youth enrichment (i.e. Aviation/Drones, Coding, and Graphic Design) to industry certificate aligned, adult vocational in the areas of Computer Specialist, Infrastructure Administration, Web & Computer Programming, and Cyber Security.


Despite the claims, all technology training is not equal. Many programs focus solely on preparing students to obtain a certificate - which in the short term may lead to employment, but usually fails to lay a scalable foundation for a secure, successful career.

Our technology mentors take the opposite approach. By focusing on hands-on, real-world projects - that also contribute to the students portfolio of work and resume, students not only get the information to pass industry-recognized exams, but a holistic understanding of the interconnecting components making them exponentially more marketable.