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StreetCents Corporation’s Infrastructure, Mentoring, Partnership, Apprenticeship, Career Exploration, and Technology Training initiative is an international collaboration program designed to impart developing communities with the skills and resources necessary to:

  • Autonomously build, implement, sustain, and scale their local technical infrastructure
  • Reduce overall cost and carbon footprint by utilizing repurposed and donated computer systems to host critical systems
  • Establish both domestic and foreign partnerships to strengthen local economies and job markets
  • Provide aspiring engineers with strategic career advice
  • Continually train and develop local personnel for both domestic and foreign employment opportunities


During the course of our international outreach programs, two things are unmistakably clear:  first, the wealth of undiscovered technical ability around the world, and second – the infrastructure disparity between countries. From professional organizations utilizing Google branded email accounts (i.e. to hosting local websites on servers located on remote continents, many of the aforementioned situations can be remedied – usually with little to no cost – by implementing local solutions.


Successful careers are a delicate combination of refined, professional ability and interpersonal skills – especially when involving different cultures. Communities entering global markets in a professional capacity benefit heavily from the experiences of seasoned technologist.


Relationships don’t just pave the way for networking and mentoring opportunities, they also provide for mutually beneficial business arrangements between international entities.


No degree of training or preparation can match the experience obtained by actually working in one’s chosen profession.


Information Technology (I.T.) is SO MUCH MORE than just coding. By exposing students of all ages to a multitude of technical disciplines, they’re better able to select a fulfilling and personal rewarding career in I.T.


Imparting lucrative information technology knowledge does not require state of the art training facilities or equipment, just comprehensive, engaging curriculum focused on in-demand industry skills – delivered by passionate, accomplished individuals.


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