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Diversity Workshops

Not only is it essential to maximize a teams productivity, unity among peers significantly impacts an individuals work/life balance.

StreetCents Corporation‘s open conversation approach uses the first-hand experiences of our speakers to provide tools for respectfully avoiding or engaging in potentially divisive dialogue.


"They All Do Look-a-Like"

We kickoff our program by acknowledging the very human prejudices we have but often deny or feel bad about admitting.

The Seven Dreaded Words

This module explores how seemingly benign statements can come across as insensitive or disrespectful depending on ones personal or cultural history.

We're All SOFT on the Inside

We all have areas of sensitivity. By learning the ability to imagine oneself in a position similar to that of our peers, we’re often able to relate to their outlook.

Disagreements Aren't Just Black & White

Sensitive areas of discussion aren’t just limited to the hot topic issues of culture and race, but can include a variety of issues.

Right Next Door, Yet Still Galaxies Apart

You can have lunch with the same co-worker every week for 10 years and still not be aware of the day-to-day discrimination they face.

Black & Blue Without Bruising

Our country is battling a series of unprecedented and polarizing issues at the moment. We close our program by offering different perspectives on current issues and sharing communication strategies.

Workshop Speaker

Growing up in the institutionally – and at times blatantly – racist mid-west during the 80’s, Will Mosby is very experienced with the many different forms racism assumes and the psychological burden it carries. As an adult, Mr. Mosby was often the only minority in his department or first to move into the neighborhood.

In order to manage the above challenges, Mr. Mosby developed essential skills to cathartically navigate discrimination  and communicate sensitive subjects with diverse peers in a healthy and constructive manner.

Click here to learn more about Mr. Mosby

Facilitation Services

Diversity issues run deep and seldom can be fixed in a workshop alone. We offer follow-up training and conflict facilitation between employers and their staff to ensure that both sides are heard in a respectful, productive, and unbiased manner.

Furthermore, we understand that sometimes the most important questions can’t be comfortably asked in a mixed or classroom setting. If you have a sensitive question that you would like to have answered – anonymously or otherwise, please feel free to ask. Your question will be answered by one of our trusted mentors, best qualified to respond to the particular subject.


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