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Adult Workshops

Our Efficacy pillar consists of workshops aimed at empowering adults by sharing information and strategies centered around career advancement and business ownership.

Corporate Bootcamp

As with any different environment, the corporate world has it’s own distinct sets of norms and decorum that often seem foreign to those familiar only with urban or rural settings.

This discussion is designed to introduce new professionals to situations and perspectives they’re likely to face in a corporate environment.

Topic Focus:

  • Passion, Process, and Purpose
  • Problem vs. Responsibility
  • Making Strategic Moves

Cognitive Combat

Conflict is part of life, yet most corporate training focuses on avoiding it at all cost – leaving those that encounter it at a severe disadvantage.

This workshops explore how to handle uncomfortable situations in a professional, cathartic, and effective manner.  

Topic Focus:

  • Everything is Psychology
  • Tactical Engagement

The Corporate Vehicle

If consumers are the blood of capitalism, then producers are surely the heart.

In this workshop we explore the expectations and realities of business ownership – along with the formal and practical steps to becoming an entrepreneur.

Power vs. Perception

To expound on a time proven statement, very little that glitters is actually gold.

This workshop focuses on the distinction between what afflicted communities perceive as power and what affluent circles know is power.


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