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Our Mission

Provide accurate, effective, and objective information used to relay unbiased historical record, establish financial wealth, and formulate strategy to enact sustainable change.

Our Purpose

To unite and empower marginalized communities

Mental Jujitsu

Whereas force, rhetoric, and money are often used to exact change in many environments, the effectiveness and availability of such resources are usually lacking in marginalized communities.

Immediate, short-term solutions can be attained on a battlefield, but systemic change is achieved only through reaching minds and showing communities how to fight opposition on a mental level.

StreetCents Corporation’s programs are built around engaging – and overcoming – obstacles without putting oneself at a disadvantage; providing pressure without exerting force, being heard by speaking less, teaching by asking questions, directing others by controlling yourself – are a few of the tactics StreetCents uses to empower groups and foster cohesion.

At a time when so many are trying to profit off of our differences, StreetCents Corporation’s sole motivation is to bring all people together. Our passion is to equip under-served communities with the strategic tools necessary to secure justice and opportunities.

William C. Mosby

Founder & President


Wednesday, June 24th, 2020

During this meeting, participants were introduced to a series of impact projects designed to empower communities by providing residents with essential, practical knowledge in the areas of history, law, finances, and strategy. We invited those in attendance to forward information about the aforementioned projects to resources knowledgeable about the respective topics.

Next Meeting: Wednesday, July 29th, 2020 @ 6 PM CST


  • Organization leaders share information about their program/business, the community it serves, and any challenges they may be facing.
  • Update attendees on the progress of our conversations with existing organizations
  • Optics vs Results: We’ll briefly explore the difference between perceived and actual change as it relates to current events.

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Knowledge is cumulative…

…the more people in the room, the better the chances of solving the problem. We invite all community organizations and businesses interested in sharing their experiences – and challenges – to join our discussions.

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William Mosby, Founder

About William Mosby

A software and system architect with over 20 years experience, William “Will” Mosby has held senior engineering positions with premier companies such as Verizon, HP, Toyota, and Bank of America. In addition to founding the 501(c)(3), StreetCents Corporation, Mr. Mosby is the owner of DataScrapers LLC (dba TechnoFro), public speaker, professor, mentor, and avid community volunteer. In his spare time, Mr. Mosby is a licensed pilot and martial arts enthusiast – that enjoys traveling abroad and spending time with his family.

From the street corner to the board room, employing logic to chaotic – and sometimes hostile – situations has always proven to be extremely useful. The ability to see dissenting views from multiple perspectives produces endless opportunities to counter, communicate, educate, and learn when adversarial situations are encountered.

Built on the experiences, observations, and countless mistakes of both himself and peers, Will Mosby developed the StreetCents Corporation with the sole purpose of empowering individuals. By employing objective thought, mutual respect, and genuine concern – StreetCents Corporation strives to offer its audience a full, unbiased perspective on the obstacles they face.

Three Vehicles. One Destination.

Sometimes when transporting big groups it’s necessary to use more than one car. Whereas StreetCents Corporation is designed to impart “soft”, strategic skills to empower communities, DataScrapers LLC (dba TechnoFro) provides the tactical, “hard” skills through which participants acquire in-demand, technical training. As a 501(c)(3), the StreetCents Corporation entity also serves as the conduit through which DataScrapers (dba TechnoFro) is able to collect and redistribute tax-deductible donations.


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