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William Mosby, Founder

About William Mosby

A software and system architect with over 20 years experience, William “Will” Mosby has held senior engineering positions with premier companies such as Verizon, HP, Toyota, and Bank of America. In addition to finding the 501(c)(3), StreetCents Corporation, Mr. Mosby is the owner of DataScrapers LLC (dba TechnoFro), public speaker, Rotarian, curriculum designer, adjunct professor, academic adviser, mentor, and avid community volunteer. In his spare time, Mr. Mosby is a licensed pilot and martial arts enthusiast – that enjoys traveling abroad and spending time with his family.

After receiving a used Commodore VIC-20, personal computer at the age of 8, Mr. Mosby discovered his lifelong passion for computer programming. At the age of 11, Mr. Mosby moved from the, then, middle-class, Miller Park community of North Omaha to the underserved, Lothrop area – this first, of many drastic shifts in environments, served as the foundation for the StreetCents’ ideology.

Later while establishing his career in Arizona, Mr. Mosby was fortunate to work and socialize with peers from many different cultural and socio-economic backgrounds – through these relationships, he learned that people, and situations, were so much more than the single-perspective beliefs instilled by his support system growing up. Mr. Mosby learned that not only are stereotypes and baseless assumptions usually incorrect, they’re often very oppressive to the personal and professional growth of those holding said impressions.

Built on the experiences, observations, and countless mistakes of both himself and peers, Will Mosby developed the StreetCents Corporation with the sole purpose of empowering individuals. By employing objective thought, mutual respect, and genuine concern – StreetCents Corporation strives to offer its audience a full, unbiased perspective on the obstacles they face.

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